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        Landlords, are you concerned about renting out your private home, investment property or commercial space to the wrong person or company? Let us help! Whether you're a small commercial landlord, a residential investor or a "regular Joe or Joanne" simply looking to rent out your home for a local event, then you'll want to know who's on the premises. And why wouldn't you? Your property is a valuable asset and you should know who's occupying it.   

        If you don't have access to the more costly tenant screening services that large-scale landlords and 3rd party property management firms do, then this is your solution. With your applicant's written consent, we can review criminal background, personal credit and rental history.    

Tenants - Residential & Commercial

Let's get started! 

Follow these simple steps to get your tenant screening started: 


      a) Either print out the Credit Card Authorization Form below & fill it in COMPLETELY (signatures must be hand-written, not typed) 


      b) Go directly to the PayNow button to remit your payment via PayPal's secure website.  

     a) Do NOT leave sections blank

      b) Specify the state or province issuing your drivers license or ID.
3) CONTACT THE LANDLORD for your results and a copy of your records. We do not issue decisions regarding tenancy.

Final Notes

Results usually vary but can be received in as little as 30 minutes or take up to 48 hours, depending on the applicant's location and completeness of information provided. 

*  By completing this form, the Applicant acknowledges this information will be given to the Landlord indicated.  

** If the Landlord and property address for which you are applying cannot be verified by The Guillory Group Real Estate Firm, the background check will NOT be completed and a refund will be issued. 

*** Additionally, the Applicant will receive a copy of their report upon request, per Federal Trade Commission regulations.


By sending this form, you are authorizing The Guillory Group Real Estate Firm, Inc.:

to acquire your credit report, any eviction reports or applicable criminal records and to share those documents with the Landlord or Property Manager specified above.

One Final Step...

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